Sealion at Aalborg zoo and polar bear at Copenhagen zoo Denmark

Exhibition of Danish zoo photos

Two of our member organisations, Dyreværnsorganisationen OASA and The Born Free Foundation have just hosted an exhibition in Copenhagen. The exhibition took place on 22nd and 23rd April and was held to highlight the plight of wild animals in European zoos.   Results of a year study of Danish zoo status and performance were unveiled…

Captive polar bear at Riga Zoo Latvia

ENDCAP launches its postcard campaign

To mark our 10th Anniversary, ENDCAP members are sending postcards to help wild animals in captivity.   Addressed to the Commissioner of Environment, responsible for the implementation of the EU zoo law, the postcard asks him to Respect Captive Wild Animals and improve the standard of welfare for captive wild animals in zoos across Europe….

Captive flamingo killed at Jihlava Zoo in Czech Republic

Safety of zoo animals questioned yet again

Over the years there have been numerous reports of animals in zoos around the world being injured or killed by visitors or intruders. Shockingly, this month alone has now seen several such tragic incidents.   At Belvedere Zoo in Tunisia, a crocodile is believed to have been ‘stoned’ to death after being hit on the…

beluga whale vancouver aquarium

Vancouver Aquarium will exhibit more beluga whales

Three months after the deaths of the last two beluga whales at Vancouver Aquarium, the facility has announced that it will be importing more beluga whales for scientific research. This decision ignores requests from NGOs and other experts across the globe, to end the display of this particular species. Vancouver Aquarium has instead stated that…

Captive orca at SeaWorld

Virgin Holidays just announced their latest position on attractions featuring captive whales, dolphins and porpoises

The key commitments of today’s announcement include: •A decision to no longer sell or promote any new attractions or hotels that feature captive whales and dolphins for entertainment purposes. •Ensuring that existing facilities displaying captive cetaceans, contracted by Virgin Holidays, meet the highest animal welfare standards. •Encouraging existing facilities to change their current exploitative practices….

Lion in Circus, Spain

City of Madrid to ban circuses with wild animals

The Municipal Plenary of the City of Madrid has today voted in favour of banning the entry of wild animal circuses into the capital of Spain. The decision comes as a result of the perseverance of the coalition InfoCircos, which was founded by Spanish NGO, ANDA and ENDCAP members, FAADA and The Born Free Foundation….

Delfi the dolphin

Dolphin transferred to Greece has died

Delfi, a male dolphin at Attica park in Greece, sadly died yesterday. He was one of four dolphins transferred to Greece in August last year. The four dolphins, Delfi, Veera and her sons Levi and Eevertti, were moved from Särkänniemi dolphinarium in Finland after the facility closed last year following reduced public attendance. Whilst it…

Vancouver Aquarium dolphins

Will there be a ban on captive cetaceans at Vancouver Aquarium?

Will the future keeping of cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises) at the Vancouver Aquarium be placed into the hands of Vancouver voters? The answer is ……maybe.   On Monday evening the matter was discussed by Vancouver Aquarium’s Park Board after the Boards Chair, Sarah Kirby-Yung, proposed a motion asking the Aquarium to “consider not bringing…

RYAZANOVKA capture vessel

Poaching vessel set to capture marine mammals is to be scrapped

Since September last year it has been public knowledge that a Chinese businessman is seeking permission from the Nambian Government to capture protected species from the wild for public display in Asia. The Chinese company “Welwitschia Aquatic and Wildlife Scientific Research” has applied to the Namibian Government for the yearly live capture and export of…