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EU Member State engagement

Whilst ENDCAP is opposed to the concept of keeping wild animals in captivity, the ENDCAP membership is also dedicated to improving the lives of these animals, who rely on humans to provide them with a suitable living environment that meets their species-specific needs. Through constructive engagement with the Member State Competent Authorities, the European Institutions, veterinarians and other agencies, ENDCAP provides advice and guidance, ensuring government authorities have access to up-to-date information. Furthermore, through the facilitation of custom-made training, devised to form the basis of improved implementation and enforcement of animal protection law, ENDCAP aims to help improve standards in animal welfare.
Examples of capacity-building undertaken in Member States include: animal welfare workshops for veterinarians; guidance on zoo regulation to enforcement agencies; and multi-stakeholder engagement to facilitate knowledge.
If you represent the interests of an EU Member State and would be interested to know more, please contact ENDCAP.
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