Please help ENDCAP in its endeavours to better the lives of wild animals in captivity in the European Union.
With your help, we can:

  • Keep politicians and the European Commission informed of public concerns
  • Keep you informed of the latest developments from ENDCAP and decision-makers in Brussels and Strasbourg
  • Raise greater awareness about the plight of wild animals kept in captivity
  • Raise much needed funds to help ENDCAP and its members make a real difference

Campaign action

Help ENDCAP’s current campaigns by writing letters and signing petitions. You can use the information on our website to write to your MEP or to the European Commission and ask for their support to ensure animal protection.

  1. Write to your local representative in the European Parliament (MEP)
  2. Write to the Commissioner of Environment (responsible for zoo regulation, wildlife trade and invasive alien species)
    (or email Commissioner Karmenu Vella directly)
  3. Write to the Commissioner Health and Food Safety (responsible for animal health and welfare)
    (or email Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis directly)

Make a donation

By donating to ENDCAP,  your generosity will help us meet our goals in securing greater protection for wild animals in captivity in the EU. ENDCAP funding is kindly managed by its founding partner, the Born Free Foundation (UK charity number: 1070906). Donations will be exclusively directed to specific, agreed ENDCAP activities. Born Free will charge just  5%  to cover all administrative costs. » Make a donation

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