Dolphinaria-Free Europe

Dolphinaria-Free Europe: Exposing the truth about dolphinaria (Photo: Free Morgan Foundation)
The Dolphinaria-Free Europe coalition, associated with ENDCAP, seeks to end th keeping of whales, dolphins and porpoises in captivity in the European Union. Captive facilities cannot compare to the vast natural environment of wild cetaceans and even larger facilities are just a fraction of the animals' natural home range in size.

Latest news

Both lions arrived safely at Shamwari Game Reserve (Photo: the Born Free Foundation)
Back in July we announced that ENDCAP members The Born Free Foundation were set to rescue the last two circus lions in Bulgaria.   Today...
Brown bears Mimo and Aran, will be going to the Libearty Bear Sanctuary (Photo: FAADA)
Two brown bears previously acquired by regional governments in Spain, are being moved from a small cage at the back of a public car park to a...

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