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orcas at Marineland Antibes in France
Outdated legislation, which has regulated dolphinaria in France since 1981, has finally been updated and includes a breeding ban for captive dolphins across France.
The new rules mean:
• An end to breeding, exchange and import programmes, meaning the scheduled end of dolphin captivity in France. It also means that the four killer whales held at Marineland in Antibes will be the last.
• An increase of at least 150% to the tank sizes of captive individuals
• The addition of waves and waterfalls for environmental enrichment
• No more use of chlorine in tank water
• No night-time shows and no direct contact between the public and cetaceans.
Water parks and aquariums have six months to conform to the new rules, and a three-year deadline to expand tanks.
The Dolphinaria-Free Europe coalition is delighted to hear that the current captive whales, dolphins and porpoises (collectively known as cetaceans) in France will be the last, and we thank our members, One Voice in France for their continued efforts which were integral in bringing us this result.
‘’This is such a happy moment! We fought so hard against the weak measures the industry pushed for. DFE’s support has been invaluable in the long negotiation process. I would like to thank our partners, and the French people who were with us in this battle for dolphins and whales. Our hope now is that this ban will hold and set a standard for captive cetaceans in other European countries.” – Muriel Arnal, One Voice & Dolphinaria-Free Europe member

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