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Sealion at Aalborg zoo and polar bear at Copenhagen zoo DenmarkTwo of our member organisations, Dyreværnsorganisationen OASA and The Born Free Foundation have just hosted an exhibition in Copenhagen. The exhibition took place on 22nd and 23rd April and was held to highlight the plight of wild animals in European zoos.
Results of a year study of Danish zoo status and performance were unveiled at the exhibition, confirming that Danish zoos are largely non-compliant with European and Danish zoo law. The report, The EU Zoo Inquiry:Denmark, will be published in the next few months.
The photographs used in the exhibition were taken at zoos across Europe in 2016 by the award-winning photographers, Jo-Anne McArthur and Britta Jaschinski. Two such photos are pictured.
(IMAGES) Top – Aalborg Zoo, Denmark, Bottom – Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark (c) Jo-Anne McArthur/The Born Free Foundation
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Author: ENDCAP