midiamimes“Blackfish” – the beginning of the end of dolphinaria in Europe?

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DSC_0095As screenings of this ground-breaking film documentary continue to draw the crowds to cinemas across Europe, the successful European tour of Samantha Berg, former SeaWorld trainer and participant in the film, draws to an end. Presenting to packed cinemas in seven countries over the last 20 days, Sam has provided the public with a valuable insight into the hidden truths behind the billion dollar captive dolphin industry.
Daniel Turner, spokesperson for the Born Free Foundation and tour organiser explains, “Over the last twenty days, Samantha Berg has spoken at eight premier screenings of Blackfish in Spain, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and the UK. ” Turner continued, “Thanks to funding from the Born Free Foundation and film distributor, Film Freaks, the tour of Samantha Berg, who lives in Alaska (USA), has been a huge success. Her involvement has ensured audiences can fully understand the plight of captive whales and dolphins and duly inspired, help influence opinion to oppose their captivity.”
Samantha Berg has one remaining screening of the film before her return  to Alaska. This Wednesday evening she will be taking questions at the Dana Centre of London’s Science Museum, which will be screening the film as part of their Green Wednesdays programme.
Samantha Berg, reflects on the success of her European tour, “the European Blackfish Tour has infused the anti-captivity and animal welfare conversation with an unprecedented spirit of collaboration between both EU NGOs as well as EU corporations, politicians and members of the general public.  Blackfish has the ability to open the hearts and minds of people who may not have ever considered the issues that plague marine mammals suffering in captivity, but the film also inspires people to want to come together around a common goal.  By unifying the efforts of the population at large along with the knowledge and experience of people who have been working on this issue for years – real momentum has been created towards the ultimate dissolution of dolphinariums in the EU.”  
“Following the success of the Sam Berg’s European tour and the release of Blackfish, our aim is to bring together  animal protection organisations from across Europe and to develop  a regional-wide strategy with an aim to phasing out  the keeping of whales and dolphins in captivity”, said Daniel Turner. “The support of the European public will be integral to its success.”
The tour, organised and part funded by the Born Free Foundation, has involved the collaboration of film distributors, Karma Films (Spain) and Freak Films (Benelux), as well as numerous animal protection organisations: FAADA; ANDA; WDC; ProWildlife; Daulphin Libre; LAV; Marevivo, Odyssea and the Animal Welfare Institute (US).
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Author: ENDCAP