Established in 2006 by the UK-based NGO, Born Free Foundation, ENDCAP is a coalition of European animal welfare organisations and wildlife professionals who, recognising the welfare problems associated with keeping wild animals in captivity, seek greater protection for these animals and share the position that wild animals should not be exploited for human entertainment.


  • Operate as Europe’s united voice for captive wild animals.
  • Ensure the highest possible standards of captive wild animal welfare.
  • Provide high quality information on the state of captive wild animal welfare in Europe.
  • Ensure European legislation effectively protects animals and prevents suffering.
  • Ensure all EU Member States have access to knowledge and training to influence and achieve effective enforcement of animal protection law.
  • Push for a change away from keeping wild animals in captivity in favour of keeping wildlife in the wild.


ENDCAP seeks to improve the lives of wild animals in:

  • Zoos and aquaria
  • Captive dolphin facilities
  • Performance and circuses
  • Trade specifically for pet keeping
  • Sanctuaries and rescue centres

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