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Captive Orca (Photo: Rojer)Released in UK and Irish cinemas from today, ‘Blackfish’ is a new film documenting the captive orca industry.
Blackfish is a damning indictment of the exploitation of these magnificent animals, highlighting their miserable lives in captivity. Whilst the film focuses mainly on captive orca at SeaWorld in USA, this remains a global issue. In Europe there are 34 captive dolphin facilities currently holding nearly 300 cetaceans (whales and dolphins), 11 of which are orca.
ENDCAP is committed to ending the keeping and display of cetaceans in captivity, and through SOS Dolphins, to change public opinion to recognise that the welfare of whales and dolphins is deeply compromised by captivity. Read more about dolphinaria in Europe and ENDCAP’s work here.
Watch the Blackfish trailer, find a screening and read all of the reviews at http://blackfishmovie.com/.
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Author: ENDCAP