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ENDCAP joins the SOSdolphins campaign and helps in its development into an EU-wide campaign.
The plight of dolphins and whales (known as cetaceans) in captivity is one of those topics that generates strong opinions, usually in favour of ending their exploitation and the closure of dolphinaria. This is the goal of ENDCAP, which is opposed to the concept of keeping of all wild animals in captivity.
Daniel Turner, spokesperson for ENDCAP said: “It was only a matter of time for ENDCAP to join SOSdolphins, which was launched last year in Spain. Many of our member NGOs are already members of the initiative, and by joining, we hope that it will soon become a EU-wide campaign established in numerous EU Member States.”
SOSdelfines was initiated by ENDCAP member, FAADA in Spain in 2012. The awareness-raising campaign hopes to change current public opinion that it is acceptable to keep these animals in captivity, and seeks to encourage the phasing-out of dolphinaria. NGOs from UK, France, Switzerland and the USA had joined SOSdelfines in support of its endeavours. SOSdelfines is slowly changing public opinion in Spain, with the public largely believing that dolphins are not ‘happy’ in captivity.
A total of 15 EU countries currently keep dolphins in captivity, in a total of 34 facilities. The practice is prohibited in Slovenia, Croatia and Cyprus, and dolphin imports are banned in Hungary and Switzerland.
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Author: ENDCAP