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Captive flamingo killed at Jihlava Zoo in Czech Republic
Over the years there have been numerous reports of animals in zoos around the world being injured or killed by visitors or intruders. Shockingly, this month alone has now seen several such tragic incidents.
At Belvedere Zoo in Tunisia, a crocodile is believed to have been ‘stoned’ to death after being hit on the head by two large rocks. Last week, poachers broke into Thoiry Zoo near Paris and shot dead a white rhino, before cutting off his horn with a chain saw. This is the first time that a rhino in a European zoo has been killed for its horn. The most recent incident occurred only yesterday when a flamingo at Jihlava Zoo in Czech Republic was killed by children as young as five, who apparently stoned and kicked the animal to death.
ENDCAP has long campaigned against the keeping of wild animals in captivity. Yesterday’s incident brings into serious question, yet again, just how safe zoo animals really are.
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Author: ENDCAP