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Wild boar piglets, Switzerland, www.flickr.com/photos/demoniser/14446373964/in/photostream)ENDCAP is appalled by reports that a zoo in Zurich, Switzerland is selling meat from “surplus” animals in their restaurant.
According to press reports, the Langenburg Wildlife Park, a member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA), has confirmed that visitors can eat meat from the park’s deer and wild boar when “space restrictions” leads to some being slaughtered.
Killing of healthy animals is thought to be widely practiced by zoos. Often, the “price of success” of captive breeding in zoos is a surplus of animals. These animals present problems for zoos with limited space, resources and the desire to keep animals that they think the public want to see. Allowing animals to breed without considering lifetime care for the offspring is, in the opinion of ENDCAP, wholly unsound and unethical.
ENDCAP member, the Born Free Foundation contacted EAZA earlier this year calling for an immediate review and amendment of their policies on killing healthy animals after another member, Copenhagen Zoo, made the controversial decision to kill a young male giraffe and 4 lions.
In a recent publication of EAZA’s magazine ‘Zooquaria’, it was stated that the 2011 euthanasia statement would be looked at with the aim of reviewing or rewording the document if required. We hope you will join us in speaking out against such practices by contacting EAZA to call for a comprehensive review of their euthanasia policy:
EAZA Executive Office
c/o Artis Zoo – Amsterdam
PO Box 20164
1000 HD Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Email: info@eaza.net
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Author: ENDCAP