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Spain 2008 (Photo: Born Free Foundation)Barcelona: Members of the Catalunya Parliament (one of the 17 autonomous regions of Spain), today backed a Bill to end the use of ALL animals (wild and domestic) in circuses in the Region, stating that animals used in circuses are “abused and mistreated”.
Whilst it has yet to be ratified as Law, the Bill only had opposition from two of the seven political parties within the Parliament, and whilst amendments are expected, the Bill is likely to be passed in the next few months. Catalunya will be the first Region of Spain to ban the use of animals in circuses.
The Born Free Foundation, a founding member of INFOCIRCOS, a Spanish-based coalition, welcomes the news.
“Catalunya will join the total of 138 municipalities throughout Spain which have already banned circuses with animals, on the grounds that their practises compromise animal welfare”, explained Daniel Turner, spokesperson for Born Free. “Public sentiment throughout Europe, and beyond, is growing against the use of animals in circuses which is very encouraging. As our understanding of animals, their needs and their natural attributes improves, and the public ceases to go to these circuses, it is only a matter of time before circuses with animals are assigned to the history books.”
Already, Cyprus and Greece have banned all animals in circuses, whilst Austria and Croatia have banned all wild animals from circuses.  Belgium, Netherlands and England have committed to a ban on the use of wild animals in circuses within the next few years.
However, circuses with animals do sadly remain popular in other countries of Europe with the number of circuses with wild animals being, reportedly, 200 in Germany, 120 in France, 100 in Italy, 45 in Spain, 30 in the Czech Republic and 20 in Hungary.
The Born Free Foundation continues to work in Spain with Spanish non-government organisations, FAADA and ANDA, to end the use of wild animals in circuses through the coalition INFOCIRCOS.
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