midiamimesThe Netherlands has banned the use of wild animals in circuses

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Elephants, Circus Rentz, Holland (Photo: S Dubus)The ban, which came into effect on 15th September 2015, now makes it an offence for circuses to use mammals not included in a permitted list. The mammals that may still appear in circuses includes domesticated animals, such as dogs and horses, but also camels, which are considered “wild” animals under UK law. There is still no restriction placed on the use of reptiles or birds so there is a possibility that wild species may still be used in Dutch circuses for the time being.
Notwithstanding the exemptions, the move is welcomed by animal welfare advocates around the world as an important step forward in the global effort to protect wild animals from suffering in circuses.
ENDCAP also welcomes the news and congratulates the Dutch government in taking this important step for animal welfare. ENDCAP continues to strive for an end to the use of wild animals used in performances, including circuses, throughout Europe.
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Author: ENDCAP