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Strasbourg Zoo 2013, BFFENDCAP member, Code Animal, has taken legal action against the zoo in Parc de l’Orangerie in Strasbourg, for failure to appropriately care for their animals.
Following an investigation, Code Animal has filed an official complaint with the public prosecutor against “Les Amis du Zoo de l’Orangerie”, the association managing the zoo, for misconduct in their legal obligations to provide their animals conditions that meet their biological, physical and behavioural needs. Specifically, Code Animal states that Les Amis du Zoo de l’Orangerie has violated Arrêté 25/03/04, the French application of the EC Zoos Directive (1999/22/EC), Articles L214-1, L214-2 and L214-3 of the French “Rural Code”, which recognise animals as sentient, and the French Penal Code.
Anne-Sophie Ring, spokesperson for Code Animal explains, “Zoos in France, as in all European Union countries, are required to keep their animals in appropriate conditions that not only provide for their biological needs, but further recognise their species-specific needs. Code Animal does not believe Les Amis du Zoo de l’Orangerie is meeting these obligations.” Miss Ring continues, “Whilst the majority of these animals may have been born in captivity, their biological, physical and behavioural needs remain the same as their wild counterparts.”
Daniel Turner, project manager of the EU Zoo Inquiry, who was invited to assess the zoo, concluded, “In my opinion, the collection of cages in Parc de l’Orangerie cannot adequately provide those animal species with their fundamental and behavioural needs. The conditions have changed little in the last twenty years.” He added, “The best, and only solution would be to relocate all the animals to a more established and compliant zoo in France, and to close this facility completely.”
The French public prosecutor is investigating the claims made by Code Animal. Members of the public are invited to share their thoughts about these findings at http://www.strasbourg-2014.com/zoo-de-l-orangerie-c24325687
For more information, please contact Code Animal on zoo@code-animal.com
Code Animal is a member of ENDCAP (www.endcap.eu)
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Author: ENDCAP