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beluga whale vancouver aquarium
Three months after the deaths of the last two beluga whales at Vancouver Aquarium, the facility has announced that it will be importing more beluga whales for scientific research. This decision ignores requests from NGOs and other experts across the globe, to end the display of this particular species. Vancouver Aquarium has instead stated that they will not likely end the keeping of beluga whales until 2029.
The announcement was made yesterday by Head Veterinarian, Martin Haulena, and President, John Nightingale, who explained that the ‘beluga habitat’ will be expanded as part of the programme and captive breeding will no longer be practiced. Expected to be opened by spring 2019, the exhibit will display between three and five whales, all currently on loan to other captive facilities.
Dolphinaria-Free Europe is saddened by the news that Vancouver Aquarium has chosen to continue to keep the beluga whales; despite the recent animal deaths. We will continue to advocate an end to keeping whales and dolphins in tanks and instead, promote the use of coastal, seaside sanctuaries.

Dolphinaria-Free Europe (DFE) is associated with ENDCAP.
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