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Fox cub in fur farm (Photo: Loomus)According to the recent poll, over half (or 58%) of the Estonian population is either ‘definitely’ or ‘rather’ against raising and killing animals in farms for the purpose of producing fur.
30% of the respondents support such activities (consisting of those who ‘definitely’ and ‘rather’ support the practice) however the percentage of those who ‘definitely’ support the raising and killing of animals for fur is only 8%, compared to the 38% of the Estonian population who are ‘definitely’ against such activities.
“Based on the poll that was carried out at the end of November, it is now possible to say that the position of the Estonian population on fur farms has not changed since March – there are still more people who do not support the activity,” Kristina Mering, project manager of the Estonian animal advocacy organization Loomus, said. “The fact that a similar poll, carried out in spring by a different market research company but producing the same results, shows the objectivity and legitimacy of the outcome,” Mering added.
According to the poll that was carried out by the Saar Poll LLC social and market research provider in March this year, 59% of the Estonian population does not support raising wild animals on fur farms with the sole purpose of producing fur. Most of the Estonian population (81%) found that fur farming activities, as they currently appear in Estonia, are not justified.
The repeated face-to-face national poll of 553 people within the age range of 15-75+, was carried out by the market research company TNS Emor during November 19 to 26, 2014.
The NGO animal advocacy organisation Loomus aims to protect the rights and interests of animals, and represent their interests in social discussions. Primarily, Loomus stands for the animals used in agriculture, animal testing, entertainment and fur farming.
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