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Performing bears in Spanish circus (Photo: Born Free Foundation)News from ENDCAP partners, the Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals, has confirmed that use of wild animals in circuses in the Baltic country could soon end.
The Minister of Agriculture, Ivar Padar has said, “Wild animals, such as elephants, big cats and primates, have no place in a circus, and therefore I support this restriction of their use. The final decision must be made by the Estonian Parliament, but I believe that the use of these animals in the circuses should be consigned to the past.”
The decision by the Minister was been made following a meeting with representatives of animal welfare organisations, who have been discussing planned changes to the Estonian Animal Protection Act.
Estonia joins other EU countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Greece and Slovenia, in banning the use wild animals (and in some cases, all animals) in circuses.
Meanwhile in England, Defra (the Government department responsible) has said that: “We are committed to banning the use of wild animals in circuses, and will introduce legislation as soon as Parliamentary time allows”. However, to date, no timeline has been stated.
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Author: ENDCAP