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Marmoset (Photo: M. Dooley)A new Dutch regulation came into force on 1st February 2015 which now limits the type of animals that can be kept as pets.
The list, which currently only covers mammals, means that any mammals not included on the ‘Positive List’ cannot be legally kept or may only be kept with a special permit. Therefore owners of prohibited species can keep their animals until they die but trading or breeding from them is not allowed. And anyone who acquires a prohibited species risks prosecution and having their animal confiscated.
Stichting AAP (AAP Foundation), a leading rescue facility in Almere in The Netherlands that specialises in primates and other exotic mammals, has been campaigning for a positive list for 22 years. The Foundation sat on the expert panel that gathered available scientific and practical information about the animals. The State Secretary for Economic Affairs made the final decision as to whether to place an animal on the positive list.
Says David van Gennep, Executive Director of Stichting AAP: “We’re very happy with this list. AAP is faced on a daily basis with owners who want to get rid of their exotic pet, because the animal was an ill-conceived, impulsive purchase. Raccoons, skunks or even kinkajous: You wouldn’t believe the range of animals that get brought in here. The situation is so serious that the demand for housing facilities is considerably higher than the capacity of our rescue centers. We expect the Positive List to improve the welfare situation of the animals.”
Here in the UK, ENDCAP members; The Animal Protection Agency (APA) have been pressing for the adoption of positive lists in the UK for years. The UK pet trade offers a diverse range of exotic mammals, including meerkats, sugar gliders, sloths, skunks, kinkajous, fennec foxes and several primate species, which can be purchased without the need for a licence.
However the recent news that the scottish government plans to undertake a review of exotic pet welfare, including the breeding and sale of animals for the exotic pet trade, is encouraging.
The Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and the Environment, Richard Lochhead, has indicated the Government commitment to a review of current legislation relating to exotic pet animals in Scotland and to examine whether tighter controls on exotic pet ownership are necessary.
ENDCAP continues to support the enforcement of a UK positive list of exotic species, which are essentially wild animals that do not adapt to captivity.
See the appendix below for a full list of permitted animals included within the Dutch positive List.


Table 1 Positive list: animal species that can be held without application of species-specific regulations for keeping animals.

Scientific name English name
Canis lupus familiaris Domestic dog
Felis catus Domestic cat
Atelerix albiventris African pygmy hedgehog
Capra aegragus Wild goat
Capra caucasica Western tur
Capra cylindricornis Eastern tur
Capra falconeri Markhor
Capra ibex Alpine ibex
Capra nubiana Nubian ibex
Capra pyrenaica Iberian wild goat
Capra sibirica Siberian ibex
Capra walie Walia ibex
Gerbillus amoenus Pleasant gerbil
Gerbillus aquilus Swarthy gerbil
Gerbillus cheesmani Cheesman’s gerbil
Gerbillus garamantis Algerian gerbil
Gerbillus gerbillus Lesser Egyptian gerbil
Gerbillus nanus Dwarf gerbil
Gerbillus perpallidus Pale gerbil
Gerbillus pyramidum Greater Egyptian gerbil
Lemniscomys barbarus Barbary striped grass mouse
Lemniscomys bellieri Bellier’s striped grass mouse
Lemniscomys griselda Griselda’s striped grass mouse
Lemniscomys hoogstraali Hoogstraal’s striped grass mouse
Lemniscomys linulus Senegal one-striped grass mouse
Lemniscomys macculus Buffoon striped grass mouse
Lemniscomys mittendorfi Mittendorf’s striped grass mouse
Lemniscomys rosalia Single-striped grass mouse
Lemniscomys roseveari Rosevear’s striped grass mouse
Lemniscomys striatus Typical striped grass mouse
Lemniscomys zebra Heuglin’s striped grass mouse
Macropus (Macropus) giganteus Eastern grey kangaroo
Macropus (Notamacropus) parma Parma wallaby
Macropus (Osphranter) robustus Common walaroo
Macropus (Notamacropus) rufogriseus Red-necked wallaby
Oryctolagus cuniculus (domestic form) Domestic rabbit
Rattus norvegicus Brown rat
Mus Musculus domesticus House mouse
Cavia porcellus Guinea pig
Mesocricetus auratus Golden hamster
Meriones (Pallasiomys) unguiculatus Mongolian gerbil
Neovison vison American mink
Equus caballus (excluding Przewalskii) Horse
Equus asinus asinus Donkey
Sus scrofa (domestic form) Domestic pig
Capra hircus (domestic form) Goat
Bos taurus (domestic form) Cattle
Bubalus bubalis (domestic form) Water buffalo
Dama dama Fallow deer
Cervus elaphus Red deer
Ovis aries Sheep

Table 2: animal species that can be held with application of species-specific regulations for keeping animals.

Scientific name English name
Callosciurus adamsi Ear-spot squirrel
Callosciurus albescens Kloss’s squirrel
Callosciurus baluensis Kinabalu squirrel
Callosciurus caniceps Grey-bellied squirrel
Callosciurus finlaysonii Finlayson’s squirrel
Callosciurus inornatus Inornate squirrel
Callosciurus melanogaster Mentawi squirrel
Callosciurus nigrovittatus Black-striped squirrel
Callosciurus notatus Plaintain squirrel
Callosciurus orestes Borneo black-banded squirrel
Callosciurus phayrei Phayre’s squirrel
Callosciurus prevostii Prevost’s squirrel
Callosciurus pygerythrus Hoary-bellied squirrel
Callosciurus quinquestriatus Anderson’s squirrel
Equus burchelli Plains zebra
Equus ferus przewalskii Przewalski’s horse
Equus grevyi Grevy’s zebra
Equus hemionus Asiatic wild ass
Equus hemionus khur Indian wild ass
Equus kiang Kiang
Equus zebra Mountain zebra
Hystrix (Acanthion) brachyura Malayan porcupine
Hystrix (Hystrix) africaeaustralis Cape porcupine
Hystrix (Hystrix) cristata Crested porcupine
Hystrix (Thecurus) crassispinis Thick-spined porcupine
Hystrix (Hystrix) indica Indian-crested porcupine
Hystrix (Acanthion) javanica Sunda porcupine
Hystrix (Thecurus) pumila Phillipine porcupine
Hystrix (Thecurus) sumatrae Sumatran porcupine
Macropus (Notamacropus) agilis Agile wallaby
Macropus (Osphranter) rufus Red kangaroo
Sciurus (Otosciurus) aberti Albert’s squirrel
Sciurus (Tenes) anomalus Causasian squirrel
Sciurus (Guerlinguetus) granatensis Red-tailed squirrel
Sciurus (Urosciurus) igniventris Northern Amazon red squirrel
Sciurus (Sciurus) lis Japanese squirrel
Sciurus (Sciurus) variegatoides Variegated squirrel
Sciurus (Sciurus) vulgaris Eurasian red squirrel
Sus ahoenobarbus Palawan bearded pig
Sus barbatus Bearded pig
Sus bucculentus Indo-Chinese warty pig
Sus cebifrons Visayan warty pig
Sus celebensis Sulawesi warty pig
Sus oliveri Oliver’s warty pig
Sus philippensis Philippene warty pig
Sus salvanius Pygmy hog
Sus scrofa Wild boar
Sus verrucosus Javan warty pig

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