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The Loomis campaign will be screened in cinemas in Estonia (Photo: Loomis)Moving pictures that call on people to ban animal circuses in Estonia will be screened in the Solaris cinema in Tallinn and in the Apollo cinema in Pärnu until July 18.
The aim of the NGO animal advocacy organisation Loomus’ campaign is to support the law change that would no longer allow using animals in circuses. In March, the Ministry of Agriculture sent a bill to a round of conciliation for banning the use of only certain species, such as big cats, bears, monkeys and elephants, in circuses.
The campaign “Let’s just finally get rid of those animal circuses!” consists of five photos, to which a unique three-dimensional effect has been applied.
“The effect is called parallax,” explained Virgo Haan, the author of the photos and the idea. “Parallex means that the usual two-dimensional picture is cut into different pieces that will be placed into a three-dimensional environment, where the so-called artificial camera can move around between these pieces.”
Formerly, Haan has used the same effect in his exhibitions “In the eyes of Indian children” (“India laste silmades”) and “Vocal rehearsal” (“Hääleproov”).
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