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I’m delighted ENDCAP has launched its important new website!  Now we can ensure that those concerned with the welfare and protection of wild animals in captivity can find out the latest news and about ENDCAP’s activities.
Thankfully it has now been acknowledged that ‘wild animals in captivity’ – previously Europe’s Forgotten Animals – deserve greater protection in the European Union.  Working for the Born Free Foundation, especially collecting the evidence for the EU Zoo Inquiry (euzooinquiry.eu), I have seen thousands of wild animals kept in appalling conditions in zoos, dolphinaria and circuses throughout Europe.  Conditions, which usually fail to provide the animal with its physical, psychological and behavioural requirements.  Conditions which, understandably, stir public concern.
ENDCAP, and its current membership of 24 animal welfare NGOs from across Europe, work tirelessly to try to improve the welfare of wild animals in captivity, both in their respective countries and at the EU level.  We work with governments, European Institutions and, where possible, industry.  By working together, pooling our limited resources and identifying specific goals, we are changing opinion and ensuring wild animals in captivity are provided the protection they deserve.
ENDCAP and its members will continue to work on the public’s behalf to ensure national and EU policy protects wild animals in captivity and delivers better standards in animal care.
With your help, together we can make a difference!

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