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Today I am at the European Parliament, Brussels, together with ENDCAP member, Animal Public e. V. and German organisation, BMT, to launch the EU Zoo Inquiry, German investigation findings. This is the 19th country report to be published, but findings remain consistent, irrespective of the country investigated.
Investigation findings confirm: poor enforcement of national law; minimal commitment by zoos to species conservation; negligible educational value; and animals kept in inadequate housing conditions. This is a breach of the requirements of Germany’s national zoo law and the EC Zoos Directive.
For a country often regarded as setting an example of good practice, I was surprised that some zoos in Germany are still promoting animals as objects rather than sentient beings. It would appear that the physical, social and psychological needs of animals, and the respect for and delivery of their welfare requirements, receive low priority in the country.
I am thankful that the EU Zoo Inquiry has been able to reveal these examples of animal abuse to the authorities and I hope that not only will such activities now be prohibited, but also that other aspects of German Zoo legislation will be upgraded and enforced as a matter of urgency.
Our work continues to make sure this happens.
© Animal Equality

© Animal Equality

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Author: ENDCAP