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Europe needs a ‘one stop shop’ for animal welfare (Photo: Animal-Equality)Your actions can help improve animal welfare in Europe. Contact your representatives in the European Parliament and encourage them to support Written Declaration No.22/2015, promoting a “one stop shop” for animal welfare.
In Europe, there are many laws and regulations intended to protect the welfare of animals, but national government authorities do not always possess the range of expertise required to ensure their effective implementation. Standards in animal care vary considerably across Europe and the government authorities tasked with inspection of animal facilities, largely lack expertise and access to training. Therefore, additional assistance, such as that enshrined in Written Declaration No.22/2015, to establish a central point for information and expertise, could vastly improve the standards of animal care throughout Europe.
A Written Declaration is a statement of purpose proposed in the European Parliament. Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are able to demonstrate their support by submitting their signature. Securing the support from at least half the MEPs (there are 751 in total) would require the European Commission and the 28 national EU governments to consider the proposal.

Signatories of at least 376 MEPs must be secured by 27th August 2015. Can you help?

A ‘one stop shop for animal welfare’ would centralise competencies rather than having them spread across numerous departments of the European Commission and ensure a coherent delivery of policy. This would allow national government authorities to access much-needed support from the European Commission. Facilitating effective implementation of national laws should help achieve higher standards in animal welfare.
Welcoming the Declaration, ENDCAP Co-ordinator, Daniel Turner, said: “It is clear from the thousands of reports we’ve received from members of the public about animal suffering and neglect that the welfare of animals in European zoos, circuses and dolphinaria must urgently improve. The proposed establishment of a ‘one-stop shop’ for animal welfare should provide capacity-building opportunities for EU Member States. I hope the public will encourage all Members of the European Parliament to support the Written Declaration 22/2015.”

How to contact your MEP

Do you live in the UK?
Select your regional MEPs here (please contact all your regional representatives)
Do you live in another Europe country?
Identify your MEPs using this search engine (just select your country and your consistency/region)
If you live outside the EU
Please email the President of the Intergroup for Animal Welfare, Janusz Wojciehowski

What should I ask them to do?

Ask them to sign the Written Declaration No.22/2015, supporting higher standards in animal welfare and care by:

  • A central information point dedicated to the welfare of ALL animal species at the EU level
  • A more coherent delivery of policy and support for EU Members States that need it
  • An improvement in the application of animal protection law and legal compliance
  • A broadening of the remit of the European Commission’s Animal Welfare Unit

» Download a sample letter
MEPs can sign the Written Declaration No.22/2015 by:

  • Signing personally at office LOW T02024 in Strasbourg
  • Signing personally at office PHS 07C 085 / PHS 07C 087 in Brussels
  • Downloading the relevant form for Written Declaration 22/2015 from the Parliament’s intranet and returning to the address provided.

Jacqueline Foster MEP, who is sponsoring the initiative, said: “I strongly support the protection of all animals, irrespective of their use or circumstance, and I welcome the commitment of the European Commission to ensure this becomes reality.”
» Read the Written Declaration 22/2015
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Author: ENDCAP