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Spain (Photo: WDC)ENDCAP today welcomed the surprise move by TUI Germany to end the promotion of captive dolphin facilities worldwide. The decision is reportedly the culmination of ongoing negotiations with the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Forum (Germany).
Daniel Turner, spokesperson for ENDCAP, said, “The actions by TUI Germany make it the first mainstream tour operator to take such an important stand against cruel marine mammal captivity.” Turner continued, “There is no doubt that the film about captive orcas, Blackfish, and the uproar over the Japanese Taiji drive fisheries, have led to a sea change in industry perspective over animal performances, displays, and ‘swim-with’ captive dolphins experiences. ENDCAP is hopeful that other European source-markets of TUI Travel plc, together with other tour operators, will follow TUI Germany’s compassionate lead.
Many European tour operators actively promote tickets to dolphinaria in Europe, USA and the Caribbean, meeting an apparent huge public demand, but also making profit from those sales. Recognising that the holidaymaker does care about the welfare of animals used in tourism activities, ABTA, the British Travel Association, has recently published the Global Welfare Guidance for Animals in Tourism, which seeks to improve animal care and phase out bad practice. However, the promotion of dolphinaria remains the most popular excursion choice involving animals.
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Author: ENDCAP