midiamimesEuropean Parliament votes in favour of stricter measures against wildlife crime

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Ivory (Photo: Born Free Foundation)MEPs Raise Their Voices – Now ‘Show Me the Money’.
In an overwhelming, but sadly non-binding vote, the European Parliament has put on record its wish to see efforts to tackle wildlife crime – such as elephant, rhino and tiger poaching – dramatically improved in an effort to stop iconic species being driven to extinction.
An outstanding 647 MEPs voted in favour of the Resolution on Wildlife Crime (put forward by Mr G Gerbrandy MEP) while just 14, inexplicably, voted against.
Will Travers, CEO of the Born Free Foundation, was quick to respond:
“I am delighted at this development and now hope that the EU will use its considerable power, influence and resources to play a leading role in ending the slaughter and exploitation of the world’s wildlife heritage. Clearly many developing countries do not have the resources to tackle the issue but with funding and technical assistance I know they are willing to take effective action.”
Born Free, a member of ENDCAP and the Species Survival Network, assisted those involved in drafting the Resolution against wildlife trafficking, to ensure as many key issues were addressed as possible.
“I am pleased that key forms of wildlife exploitation were included such as the impact of trophy hunting and the live trade in exotic animals as ‘pets’”, Travers stated. “Right now my top priority is to see significant resources flow to support the African Elephant Action Plan, a unique blueprint for the survival of Africa’s elephants developed and agreed by all the 38 African countries where the species lives. The European Parliament has demonstrated its strength of feeling on this issue but now there is an urgent need for action.”
He concluded: “The bottom line is ‘show me the money’”.
The Resolution identified nearly 50 urgent measures that needed to be taken either nationally, across the EU or throughout the world by the international community.

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Author: ENDCAP