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Fife Animal Park (Photo: BBC)According to media reports, Peter Lockhart, the former co-owner of Fife Animal Park in Scotland, has pleaded guilty to 9 out of 16 charges relating to the care and keeping of animals at the zoo in violation of the Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act. Mr Lockhart admitted failure to provide the animals with a suitable environment, the correct diet or adequate medical treatment. He also pleaded guilty to breaching the Control of Trade in Endangered Species Regulations and displaying animals, including ring-tailed lemurs and wild cats, for commercial purposes without a licence.
The court has deferred sentencing Mr Lockhart for two months.
Fife Animal Park, which displayed 76 species, was closed to the public in February 2014 and many of the animals were rehomed to other zoos.
ENDCAP member, the Born Free Foundation is concerned that such significant failings occurred despite the requirement for annual inspections by the Local Authority and formal inspections carried out by Government-appointed zoo inspectors every 3-4 years. However, we are glad to see that action has been taken in this case.
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Author: ENDCAP