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Today government officials, zoo professions, NGOs and academics meet in Warsaw, Poland, to discuss “legislation standards and an actual level of animal welfare in zoos in the European Union”. The overall aim of the meeting is to encourage improved standards in Polish zoos through a proposed revision of the national zoo legislation.
The Born Free Foundation, through the EU Zoo Inquiry identified that zoos in Poland were not meeting the requirements of the EU Zoos Directive. In particular, zoo inspections lack structure and regularity, numerous unlicensed zoos and of those licensed, standards do not comply with legal requirements in conservation, education and animal welfare.
The two day conference, the first such conference following the EU Zoo Inquiry, includes presentations from academics from Poland and the UK, members from the European Association of Zoos of Aquaria and an official zoo inspector from UK’s Defra.
Daniel Turner, attending on behalf of the Born Free Foundation and ENDCAP said, “There is likely to be a lively debate over the next two days in Warsaw, but we hope that it will be a catalyst for a change in Poland and specifically an involvement to the lives of thousands of animals in the countries 30+ zoos.”
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Author: ENDCAP