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Circus lion (Photo: Born Free Foundation)The Belgian Federal Parliament has passed new legislation banning the use of wild animals in circuses. Animals such as elephants, lions, tigers and bears can no longer be used in circuses in the country.
The decision was made following a 2011 report by the Council of Animal Welfare, which concluded that by their very nature, circuses are unable to provide species of wild animals with conditions that meet their species-specific physical, psychological and behavioural needs.
Through the establishment of a white list, the legislation ensures only those listed species will be permitted to be used by a circus in Belgium. These include mostly domesticated animals such as poultry, pigs, llamas, dogs, horses and sheep. The choice of a white list, as opposed to a black list, will mean that a circus is unable to introduce unlisted wild species. It is stipulated that those animal species on the white list must be housed in suitable conditions, consistent with national minimum norms.
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Author: ENDCAP