ENDCAP: Working together for wild animals in captivity

ENDCAP is a pan-European Coalition of animal welfare organisations and wildlife professionals, coordinated by a Management Committee of elected individuals.

Management Committee


Daniel Turner

ENDCAP Coordinator

DanielDaniel Turner is a founder member of ENDCAP, and has worked in the capacity of ENDCAP Coordinator since its inception in 2006. Daniel leads ENDCAP’s lobbying efforts in the European Union on behalf of its membership.
Working for the Born Free Foundation since 2000, Daniel is responsible for developing and managing Born Free’s agenda in Europe for captive wild animal welfare.  As Programmes Manager, he works primarily on activities aimed at raising standards in animal welfare and protection throughout Europe, and as a consultant to the travel industry on animal welfare-related issues. He has a BSc (Hons) degree in Environment Biology and is a Member of the Society of Biology.
“The European public is acutely aware of the poor conditions endured by millions of animals kept in zoos, circuses, dolphinaria and kept as pets throughout Europe. The sub-standard conditions that ENDCAP works tirelessly to address, have mainly resulted from poor enforcement of existing animal protection laws, exacerbated by a lack of relevant knowledge and expertise by the competent authorities. ENDCAP seeks to facilitate knowledge, improve enforcement and ensure higher welfare standards for wild animals in captivity in Europe.”

Samantha Goddard

ENDCAP Secretary

SamanthaSamantha was introduced as ENDCAP secretary in 2014, following a 6 month internship at The Born Free Foundation where she now works full time. Samantha is responsible for assisting Born Free’s programme in Europe for captive wild animal welfare. As Programmes Assistant, Samantha works primarily on activities aimed at raising standards in animal welfare and protection throughout Europe. As secretary for both ENDCAP and the now affiliated Dolphinaria-Free Europe coalition, Samantha’s main focus is on the phasing out of cetacean captivity throughout Europe.

Max Farrugia

MaxA professional journalist, Max is the Chairman of International Animal Rescue Malta. Having dedicated much of his professional and personal life to working to improve the welfare and protection of animals in Malta, and lobbying EU policy, Max now volunteers full time during his retirement. Coordinating and assisting in activities and campaigns that continue to challenge the norms and influence public opinion, Max is an inspiration.
I do not believe that wild animals should be kept in captivity and I hope for the day when all enclosures are closed down.“

Laura Zodrow

LauraWorking to expose and alleviate wild animal suffering and neglect  in Germany in circuses, zoos and in pet animal markets, Laura directs the work of animal public e.V. which seeks to ‘respect wildlife’ and promote high standards in animal welfare and protection. Working directly with politicians and government departments, Laura helps influence and strengthens legislation and policy. Specialising in the creation of a photographic and film library, Laura has ensured entities outside the animal protection network have access to evidence of captive animal exploitation and neglect.
Circuses by their very nature: loading and unloading, subjecting animals to severe training methods and moving from place to place, can never provide an animal with a suitable living environment. We must see an end to the use of wild animals in circuses.”



Animal Friends Fund
Website: www.dzd.lv
Address: 4 Fr Candera Street, Riga, Latvia LV-1046
Animal Public e. V.
Website: www.animal-public.de
Address: animal public e.V., Postfach 110 121, D- 40501 Düsseldorf, Germany
Born Free Foundation
Website: www.bornfree.org.uk
Address: 3 Grove House, Foundry Lane, Horsham, West Sussex RH13 5PL, UK
Captive Animals Protection Society (CAPS)
Website: www.captiveanimals.org
Address: PO Box 540, Salford, M5 0DS, UK
Code Animal
Website: www.code-animal.com
Address: Maison des Associations, 1A Place des Orphelins, 67000 Strasbourg, France
Website: www.depana.org
Address: 97 Calle San Salvador, Barcelona, Spain
Dolphin Motion
Website: www.orkacoalitie.nl/
Ekaterina Solomina
Free Morgan Foundation
Website: www.freemorgan.org
Fundación FAADA
Website: www.faada.org
Address: Sant Adria del Besos, Barcelona, Spain
International Animal Rescue Malta
Website: www.internationalanimalrescue.org/malta-bird-rescue
Address: Kingfisher, 10 Duke of Edinburgh Street, Hamrun, Malta
Jakub Banasiak
czydelfinoterapia.pl and delfinaria.pl
Jenny Berengueras
Website: www.loomus.ee
Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance (NAPA)
Website: www.dyrevern.no
Address: Brenneriveien 7, 0182 Oslo, Norway
OASA – Organisation Against the Suffering of Animals
Website: www.oasa-dk.dk
One Voice
Website: www.one-voice.fr
Address: 1A Place des Orphelins, 67000 Strasbourg, France
Sea First Foundation
Website: www.seafirst.be
Address: Zone Kamp C 2 / B11, B-2260 Westerlo, België
Sede Nazionale LAV
Website: www.lav.it
Address: Viale Regina Margherita 177, 00198 Rome, Italy
Svoboda Zvířat
Website: www.svobodazvirat.cz
Address: Kampaň Proti Srsti, DAF ČR a SR, Kontaktni Osoba FFA, Koterovská 84, 326 00 Plzeň, Czech Republic

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