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ENDCAP welcomes Thomas Cook’s new policy that seeks to improve the welfare of captive wild animals

The new policy has been launched today by Thomas Cook, and takes a much stronger approach to ensuring the welfare of animals in the attractions they sell.
This year, animal welfare specialists Global Spirit, audited a cross section of the attractions sold by Thomas Cook against the ABTA Global Welfare Guidance for Animals in Tourism. Following the findings of the audit, Thomas Cook have developed a new animal welfare policy, in partnership with Global Spirit and the international wildlife charity, and founding members of ENDCAP; The Born Free Foundation.
The new policy will require all animal attractions and outings sold by Thomas Cook to evidence full compliance with the ABTA Global Guidance.
If an attraction is found not to be fully compliant with the ABTA Global Welfare Guidance for Animals in Tourism, Thomas Cook will not sell it.

Key commitments include:
• All animal attractions must be fully compliant with the ABTA Global Welfare Guidance for Animals in Tourism
• A decision to no longer sell or promote new attractions or hotels that do not comply with industry minimum welfare requirements for keeping wild animals in captivity
• Ensuring that existing facilities contracted by Thomas Cook meet the highest animal welfare standards
• Agreeing to phase-out practices that are known to severely compromise the welfare and survival of animals
• Supporting attractions and excursions that safeguard the welfare and protection of animals

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Author: ENDCAP