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Sabrina at Naples Zoo (Photo: Thilo Cardenas)There are over 40 solitary elephants living in zoos and circuses across Europe. A short-film, ‘The Elephant in the Room’, based on a report by the Born Free Foundation, Innocent Prisoner, has been launched, which shines a spotlight on these forgotten animals.
Made on location in the UK, the US, Norway, Romania and Serbia; the team from the University of Hertfordshire that wrote, directed, produced and filmed The Elephant in the Room – indelibly captured the miserable lives that solitary captive elephants endure, distilling it into a 13 minute film of power and passion.
Including interviews with Dr Joyce Poole, Dr Rob Atkinson, Chris Draper, Adam Roberts, Ed Stewart and Virginia McKenna, the film concludes that such exploitation must end. ‘It would be like being forced to live your entire life in your bathroom’ said Dr Poole.
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» Read Innocent Prisoner to find out more about solitary elephants in Europe
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