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Young captive Orca at Harderwijk dolphinarium (Photo: Tambako The Jaguar, Flickr, Creative Commons)Spanish company Aspro Parks – a European operator of leisure parks and centres which include a number of dolphinaria – are planning to take over Harderwijk dolphinarium in the Netherlands.
Aspro Parks is one of the largest European operators of leisure parks and centres with 60 parks and centres in Spain, UK, France, Finland, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, as well as owning 6 of the 11 dolphinaria in Spain.
Coincidentally Harderwijk dolphinarium is the facility where orca Morgan was taken in June 2010, after being found alone and emaciated in the Wadden sea off the coast of the Netherlands. She was captured using a rehabilitation and release permit but never released. She now resides in Loro Parque in Tenerife, Spain where she performs daily.
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Author: ENDCAP