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SOSDelfines road tour (Photo: SOSDelfines)Members of the coalition, SOSDelfines, undertook a road tour of 10 Spanish cities this summer to raise awareness of the plight of over 98 dolphins and whales in Spain’s 11 dolphinaria. Spain hosts the most captive dolphin facilities in the EU and these facilities are predominantly located in tourist destinations in coastal regions.
The road trip included cities: Tarifa, Seville, Malaga, Alicante and Valencia, and involved engagement with the public, providing education interpretation. There was also an opportunity for people to express their concerns by signing a petition asking the Spanish Minister of Agriculture, Food and Environment to end the use of whales and dolphins in these water circuses.
The road trip was organised by the Spanish NGO, and ENDCAP member, FAADA and funded through the SOSDelfines coalition of 8 NGOs from 5 countries.
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Author: ENDCAP