midiamimesConference for Animal Protection in Cyprus

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Last week, Government officials, law enforcement agencies, NGOs and academics met in Nicosia, Cyprus, to discuss “The present and future of animal protection in Cyprus”. Hosted by the NGO, Animal Responsibility Cyprus (ARC), the event provided an opportunity for local animal welfare organisations and government officials to discuss the problems facing animals in Cyprus and to seek common ground for improvements.
Through the EU Zoo Inquiry (link to report), investigations had already identified that zoos in Cyprus were not meeting the requirements of the EU Zoos Directive. In particular, the Cyprus zoo law did not promote conservation and education, zoo inspections lacked structure and regularity, numerous unlicensed zoos had been identified and in the only licensed zoo, standards did not comply with legal requirements. Since the publication of the EU Zoo Inquiry Cyprus Report, the government has taken some significant steps to improve compliance, including the amendment of legislation and the phasing-out of failing zoological collections.
The one-day conference, the first such conference in Cyprus, included presentations from academics, animal welfare organisations, the Cyprus police force and officials from the Ministry of Environment and Veterinary Services.
Daniel Turner, attending on behalf of ENDCAP and the Born Free Foundation said, “There was a lively debate over the problems endured by many animal welfare organisations and the government officials were certainly receptive to the issues, however, with the current austerity measures clearly taking their toll, I am concerned whether the authorities have the capacity to initiate the required improvements. We are keen to help where we can.”
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Author: ENDCAP