midiamimesCould there be an end to animal performances in Italian Zoos?

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Performing parrot in Italian Zoo (photo: Britta Jaschinski/The Born Free Foundation)ENDCAP members, The Born Free Foundation and the Italian animal protection NGO, LAV, have been recently notified by the Italian Ministry of Environment that animal performances in zoos are now prohibited under Italy’s national zoo legislation.
Parrots made to ride bicycles, dolphins required to jump through hoops for a food reward, and a chimpanzee, dressed in clothes to entertain the public, are just some of the kinds of animal performances still observed in Italian zoos. In the last two years, Born Free and LAV have submitted five separate reports to the Italian Government, documenting the inadequate law enforcement and substandard conditions in zoos and aquaria. Until recently no response was received.
Both organisations have continued to expose the poor conditions in zoos in Italy and are encouraged by this statement by the Italian Ministry on ending animal performances. The letter received from the Italian Ministry of Environment states, “The use of animals in shows [believed to be where animals are required to perform unnatural behaviours in an unnatural setting], is prohibited under national law.” The letter also explained that “any zoo which does not meet the compulsory basic requirements [of the law] will have their [zoo] licence withdrawn.”
The Born Free Foundation and LAV will now work to ensure that the Italian Ministry of Environment is held to account and follows through with this statement to finally end of animal performances in zoos.

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Author: ENDCAP