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Captive dolophin (Photo: Born Free Foundation)Today a new captive dolphin exhibit opens at the Genoa Aquarium in Northern Italy, despite outrage over its cost, low public support and the overriding concerns for the welfare of the dolphins.
Costing a staggering €26 million, the dolphinarium will house six bottlenose dolphins, a species which is not even an endangered species. LAV, an Italian ENDCAP member, is questioning the intentions of the Genoa government, who have subsidised the building of the new exhibit.
Roberto Bennati, Vice President of LAV said, “Instead of spending public money on improving our hospitals, schools and roads, the government of Genoa have paid to imprison dolphins in completely inappropriate conditions. The government should be ashamed.”
There is overwhelming evidence that the keeping of dolphins in captivity can significantly impact on their health and welfare and they are likely to suffer distress, due to an inability to express normal behaviour. In a recent IPSOS survey, 96% of Italian respondents stated they wanted to see an end to the keeping of dolphins in captivity.
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Author: ENDCAP