midiamimesHigher animal welfare standards are still needed in EU Zoos

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Captive brown bear in German Zoo (photo: Jo-Anne McArthur/The Born Free Foundation)ENDCAP members, The Born Free Foundation, have launched a powerful and thought-provoking photo exhibition at the European Parliament, to highlight the poor standards in animal welfare at many zoos in the European Union. View some of the photography

The photos were captured by award-winning international photographers, Britta Jaschinski and Jo-Anne McArthur, who visited several EU countries, including Italy, France, Germany, Denmark and the UK.

The Council Directive 1999/22/EC requires EU zoos to satisfy animals’ biological requirements by providing species-specific enrichment and a high standard of husbandry. Through this powerful photo exhibition, Born Free aims to show Members of the European Parliament that investigations as part of its EU Zoo Inquiry have revealed many zoos keep animals in sub-standard conditions and EU zoos are therefore not fulfilling their legal requirements.

This work comes at a time when the European Commission is reviewing the effectiveness of the EU Zoos Directive. As part of this, members of the public have an opportunity to improve the conditions for animals in European zoos by contributing to a public consultation (hosted by the European Commission). We urge EU citizens to complete the questionnaire before it closes on 8th December 2016. To guide you through the questionnaire, please refer to this easy-to-use guide

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Author: ENDCAP