midiamimesENDCAP is saddened to learn that a lion has been shot dead at Leipzig Zoo.

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Lion shot dead at Leipzig Zoo (photo: Jan Woltas)Two male lions, who had recently been transferred from Basel Zoo, have escaped from their enclosure. After attempts to capture them one of the lions was shot after efforts to tranquillise him failed.
ENDCAP is concerned about the conditions for wild animals at zoos across the European Union. The Zoo Inquiry 2011 investigation reveals that animals and the visiting public are regularly being placed at risk of injury. The study has also highlighted an alarming increase in the number of opportunities for people to have direct contact with dangerous animals. Learn more about the EU Zoo Inquiry ENDCAP has questioned the role of zoos since our inception; however we work to seek higher standards in animal care and protection, in the hope that such fatal accidents as at Leipzig Zoo can be avoided.

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Author: ENDCAP