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Benjamin the African Elephant (Photo: Animal Public)News reports over the weekend confirm that a man in Buchen, Southwest Germany has been killed by an elephant who escaped from Circus Francordia. The elephant, a 34 year old female African elephant, called Benjamin, had apparently been classified as ‘dangerous’ by the authorities, but still used for children rides.
This is not the first reported incident involving this circus, formerly known as Circus Luna, which came under fire in 2012 when a young boy had his jaw broken by an elephant. Two years prior to that, a father and his young son were pushed against a wall and lifted into the air by an elephant at the same circus. The father was hospitalised, having suffered fractured bones and internal injuries, and was in a coma for a time. The nine-month-old infant also suffered fractured bones.
Daniel Turner, spokesperson for ENDCAP said, “Elephants are wild animals and by their very nature, are unpredictable and dangerous. Circuses, and even zoos, that keep highly dangerous animals can never guarantee the safety of the public and governments must ensure preventative measures are in place. Permitting the public to have direct or close contact with such animals is irresponsible practice and should be discouraged.”
“ENDCAP and its members urge governments across the EU to end the keeping and use of elephants, in fact all wild animals, in circuses. Retiring the animals to appropriate sanctuaries for their humane lifetime care.”
To date, 23 countries have implemented full nationwide bans on the use of wild animals in circuses with some of these countries, such as Bolivia and Malta, having implemented bans on the use of all animals in circuses. In addition, a further 22 countries have regional bans in place or bans on certain species or classes of animals. Within the EU, nine countries have implemented outright bans on the use of all animals or all wild animals in circuses and a further nine have partial bans in place.
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Author: ENDCAP